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In Aznakaevo best reciter of Quran was presented with ticket to Hajj

Regional Quran reciters competition "Aslyam" was held in Aznakaevo Palace of Culture on 14 April in Tatarstan. 
The contest was organised by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan jointly with the administration of the Aznakaevsky municipal district, the Kaziyat of the South-Eastern region of Tatarstan, the Muhtasibat of the city of Aznakayevo and Aznakaevsky district on the initiative of the Shakirov brothers in memory of their father Aslyam Shakirov.
Russian citizens who speak Tatar and Bashkir languages were invited to participate.  Contestants competed in the knowledge of the last two or the last four chapters of the Holy Quran following the rules of tajwid.
31 participants from various cities and regions of Tatarstan and Russia competed in memorisation of the chapters of the Holy Quran by heart. Among the participants were many children, the youngest participants was 7 years old.
For the first place in the nomination "4 last chapters" Gizatullin Almaz received a ticket to Hajj. Those who took 2nd and 3rd places Zaripov Ismail from Aznakaevo and Shaikhiev Ilsur from Baltasse were awarded valuable gifts. The winner in the nomination "2 last chapters" Raupov Bulat from Leninogorsk was given a ticket to Umra. Aukhadeev Abdurahman from Sarmanovo and Akhmetzyanov Islam from Kazan, who took 2 and 3 places were also awarded with valuable prizes.
Also, the Quran reciting contest was held on Saturday in the cathedral mosque of Verkhny Uslon village. The members of the jury were the Imams who already received Islamic education, as well as the teachers of the pupils' courses.
Participants were divided into three groups: children, men and women. Participants competed in two nominations: recitation of the selected chapters of the Quran and the correct recitation of the Quranic chapters of their own choice. Following the results of the quiz, the winners were awarded with valuable prizes. The event ended with performing of collective prayer and a festive dinner.

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