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About 100 thousand people to offer feast prayer in St.Petersburg

Source : / 01 Oct 2014

A meeting, dedicated to the celebration of the main Muslim holiday Eid al Adha was held at the mosque of the city of St. Petersburg. The holiday is going to be celebrated on October 4th. Since the holiday this year falls on a day off, it is expecting a large number of parishioners in all city’s mosques and prayer rooms.

It is estimated that about 100 thousand people will perform the feast’s prayer. "It is very necessary, that feast’s prayer will be held properly, in an atmosphere of true celebration of brotherhood and unity," said the chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of St. Petersburg and North-West region of Russia Ravil Pancheev. For this purpose, it will be blocked traffic on nearby streets and organized police groups to assure believers safety. 


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