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900,000 fireworks, 300 drones: Record-breaking celebration in Saudi Arabia

Saudis came together on Sunday for the grandest national celebration yet.
With 900,000 fireworks set off simultaneously from 58 platforms across 20 cities in the Kingdom, the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) is aiming to make the Guinness World Records for the largest fireworks display.
According to Guinness, the record to beat is the Philippines New Year celebrations in 2016, with 810,904 fireworks, which lasted just over an hour in the pouring rain. That beat previous records set by Dubai in 2014 and Kuwait the year before.
But if that’s not enough, the GEA has its bases covered. Nothing says patriotism like the flag, and so it is also planning to set another record by creating the largest national flag, measuring 400 meters by 350 meters, in the air by using lasers on 300 drones to trace the sword and the Shahada on the green backdrop of the fireworks.

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