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3000 Muslims from Chechnya to perform Hajj this year

Chechen Muslims are getting ready to perform one of the pillars of Islam - the pilgrimage to holy places in Mecca - the Hajj. 
Some 2600 pilgrims will be able to make it this year. This is the quota allocated to the region by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Chechnya's Mufti Salah Mezhiev said.
"In total, there will be 15 flights to Medina. From there pilgrims will be transferred to the accommodation place, and for this purpose comfortable buses are provided. Residents of Chechnya will go to Hajj exclusively by air. The hotels where the pilgrims stay will also be located in the immediate vicinity of the holy places," the Mufti said.
He added that all pilgrims will receive brochures explaining how to properly perform the Hajj. Also representatives of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Chechnya will hold seminars with them. Another 300 pilgrims will be sent by regional public fund named after Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov.
All pilgrims will travel to Medina by direct flights from Grozny.

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