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Nobel Prize

Islam no threat to democracy - Nobel winner Karman

By Gwladys Fouche : Reuters | Oslo / 09 Dec 2011

Islam and other religions do not threaten democracy, Yemeni activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakul Karman said on Friday.

To the disquiet of some in the West, Islamist parties are emerging as big winners from this year's 'Arab Spring' uprisings, having won elections in Tunisia and Morocco and taken a strong lead in Egypt's multi-stage parliamentary vote.


Studies of universe’s expansion win physics Nobel

By Karl Ritter | AP | Stockholm / 04 Oct 2011

Three US-born scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for overturning a fundamental assumption in their field by showing that the expansion of the universe is constantly accelerating.

Their discovery created a new portrait of the eventual fate of the universe: a place of super-low temperatures and black skies unbroken by the light of galaxies moving away from each other at incredible speed.


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