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Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

Importance of following Shaykhs

Mawlid sermon by Shaykh Said Afanfi al-Chirkawi on the night Shaykh Muhammad al-Bukhari was born, in village Chirkey, Dagestan.

Nur ul-Islam’ newspaper published a letter by Abdulatip to his father. Abdulatip, Najmuddin Gotsinski’s brother, was a great saint. In his letter he tells his father: “Without going to the Tariqa ustaz, it is difficult to remember Allah often.” I personally saw the proof to this.


Following elders teaching

Sermon by Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi on the ziyarat to Shaykh Shu`ayb Afandi | Bagini | 2005

Dear brothers in faith, we should all give thanks to Allah. It is amazing how many people are here today! Daghestan has been really blessed with Barakah! Never since our ancestors’ times Daghestan has been so religious and advanced in spiritual knowledge and Tariqa.


Branches of Tariqah

Sermon by Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi in the village of Lower Kazanische, Dagestan

Some people think we do not recognize Abdurahman Sughuri. But who really wants to know the truth, he knows; and who does not, will never do. How can we reject him? Take for example a tree trunk. The trunk has branches. All branches grow on the same tree, and there is no difference between them. Some people collect the fruit on this branch, and the others collect on the different branch. They keep to their branches and do not swap them.


Murid should behave as murid - Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

Frankly speaking, ‘alims have pleasantly surprised us today to the extent that no more things left to discuss. It is often said that since the creation of Adam (peace be upon him) Allah sent prophets to all nations with the call to Islam. Much has been said about the prophets, as well as those who opposed them and who followed them. It was the way Islam reached the ummah of our Prophet (be peace upon him).


Do not believe a man even if he flies in the sky

A lot of important things have been said here. As for me, I would like to add a little to the earlier said that on the same gathering last year I forewarned all of you not to trust anyone who comes from somewhere outside. Even the one who is flying in the sky! Indeed it is very dangerous.


What is the good of deeds done without fear of Allah? Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

Today our ‘alims have fully covered all subjects. I have hardly anything to add. However, the matter mentioned by Abdulghafuril Muhammad, I heard here for the first time. Till now nobody has ever touched that subject. Verily it is the thing my heart is aching from, which I consider as motto for me, and what I have earlier said about.


Seeking worthy, beneficial, valuable

Many things could be mentioned, but hardly everything can be said completely. Sometimes it happens that a person commits suicide, stabbing knife or gun shot. After wounding himself, he still has time to repent (make tawbah) and his sin may be forgiven, if he regretted the incident and asked for forgiveness. But it also happens that a man commits suicide by hanging himself [leaving no chance for repentance].


Levels of Murids

the people, who spoke before me, said all, nothing was missed out. May Allah be satisfied with them, and also with those, who didn’t speak.


Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi visit to Inkho

Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi visiting grave of his Shaykh `Abdul Hamid in village Inkho, Daghestan, Russia.


Shaykh Said-Afandi al-Chirkawi

Biography of Shaykh Said-Afandi al-Chirkawi ad-Daghestani

Renowned scholar, ustaz, murshid of Shazily and Naqshbandi tariqahs, honourable Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi was born in 1937 in the Dagestani village of Chirkey in the family of 'Abdu Rahman.

It was time when dark clouds gathered over Islam and Muslims, for the enemies of Islam killed thousands of Islamic scholars (may Allah be pleased with them) including such well-known scholars like Shaykh Hasan Hilmi Afandi and Shaykh Muhammad Afandi Ya'subi. In this difficult period by the grace of Allah, a boy was born in the village of Chirkey.


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