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Is the ‘Iddah after Khulu’ One Month or Three?

Source : Shafii Fiqh / 16 Apr 2014


As salaamu alaykum dear respected scholar. I would like to ask according to Shafi’i Fiqh is a Khula a from of Talaq or divorce? And if so is the ‘iddah the same as a Talaq (three periods of purity between menstrual cycles)?


Canadian college student experiments with wearing a hijab

Source : Daily Mail / 15 Apr 2014

A Canadian college student recently conducted a social experiment to see if people treated her differently if she wore a hijab - a traditional Muslim veil that covers a woman's head and chest - and what she discovered was a bit unexpected.


Saudi Shura wants Islam-compliant sports education for girls

Source : Saudi Gazette / 10 Apr 2014

The Saudi Shura Council demanded the Ministry of Education on Tuesday to study adding physical fitness programs for girls in government schools in conformity with shariah.

Private schools were allowed last year to start sport classes for girls. The Council called on the ministry to coordinate with the Ministry of Higher Education to lay down suitable training programs for female teachers, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.


Biometrics for expat women ‘mandatory’

Source : Arab News / 09 Apr 2014 

The Passport Department will soon make it mandatory for expat women over 18 to record their biometric information if they want to travel, get new iqamas and final exit visas.

Women would have to register their biometric details at a local passport office, according to local media.


First women joining Palestinian commando unit

Source : AP / 09 Apr 2014

Palestinian women in combat fatigues and headscarves rappelled down a six-story tower, fired assault rifles at imaginary terrorists and in a drill straight out of the movies bundled a would-be VIP into a car and sped off after a shooting.


‘We created a monster,’ Arab Spring women activists

Source : Al Arabiya / 08 Apr 2014

Arab Spring women activists spoke dramatically of their role in the Middle Eastern uprising on Friday at a New York panel moderated by top U.S. political satirist Jon Stewart.


Muslim woman's headscarf pulled off by Sweden airport staff

Source : World Bulletin / 04 Apr 2014

A Muslim woman has said that she was attacked by airport staff in Sweden and forced to remove her headscarf in public.

Saama Sarsour was travelling from the Arvidsjaur airport in northern Sweden when she aroused suspicion after she caused a metal detector to beep.


Turkey elects headscarved mayors in local polls

Source : World Bulletin / 01 Apr 2014

AK Party Chairman Mustafa Ulvi Bezirci said Fatma Toru won the 2014 municipal elections in Meram district of Konya. She became the first headscarved mayor according to the initial results announced by Bezirci in a statement.

Toru was born in 1972 in Konya and graduated from the Department of Surveying Engineering of Selcuk Unversity. She worked in Meram Municipality's Caybasi Urban Transformation Project chief. Fatma Toru is married and has 2 children.


First mayor with a headscarf: Ruling AKP

Source : Hurriyet Daily News / 31 Mar 2014

Fatma Toru, the mayoral candidate for the Meram district of Konya from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), has been elected, according to a local official of the AKP.

Mustafa Ulvi Bezirci, who chairs the AKP’s district office in Meram, has announced Toru’s victory. If Bezirci’s claim will be confirmed, Toru will become the first mayor in Turkey wearing a headscarf.


‘No ambulance service for woman living by herself’

Source : Arab news / 29 Mar 2014

A Saudi woman was allegedly refused an ambulance service because she did not have a male guardian present with her in the house.

Salma Al-Shuhab had woken up in the middle of the night with severe headache and called the Saudi Red Crescent, only to have her request rejected when the call center learned that she lived alone.


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