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Russians became more religious in past ten years

Source : Interfax / 15 Mar 2014

Moscow, March 13, Interfax - Sixty percent of Russians surveyed by Levada Center believe that people in Russia became more religious in the past ten years, while 27% believe people have become less religious.


US 'mostly failed' to achieve goals in Iraq, Afghanistan: Poll

Source : Presstv / 1 Feb 2014

A majority of Americans believe that the United States failed to achieve its goals in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new national survey.

Fifty-two percent say the US has "mostly failed" to achieve its goals in Afghanistan while 38 percent say it has "mostly succeeded," the USA Today and Pew Research poll showed.


Poll: Two Thirds Of Americans Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

By Carol J. Williams / The5thestate / 23 Dec 2013

Two thirds of Americans questioned in a recent poll said the 12-year war fought in Afghanistan to cleanse the country of terrorists hasn't been worth the price paid in lives and dollars.

Nevertheless, a majority still favors keeping some U.S. forces in the troubled country even after the military mission ends a year from now, the ABC News/Washington Post poll found.


Most US youth unhappy with Barack Obama

Source : Reuters / 5 Dec 2013

Young Americans are unhappy with virtually every major thing President Barack Obama has done since he was re-elected, but they would still vote for him today, according to the results of a Harvard University survey released on Wednesday.The national poll by Harvard’s Institute of Politics of more than 2,000 people aged 18 through 29 is intended to provide insight into the political views of the youngest US voters, an increasingly influential demographic known as the “millennial generation.”


Mohammad most popular name in the world: Report

Source : Presstv / 31 Oct 2013

The name of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has become the most popular name in the world, a new report says.

Spanish daily ABC recently reported that some 150 million people across the world are named “Mohammad.”


Snowden Is a Hero, say 51% of Americans

Source : / 31 Oct 2013

51% of Americans think whistleblower Edward Snowden is “something of a hero," according to results of a new survey.

The results of the Angus Reid Global online poll, which surveyed 4,500 Canadians, Britons and Americans, were released to the Huffington Post on Wednesday.


Poll: 68 percent of Americans see US on wrong track


Source : Presstv / 26 Sep 2013
Americans are growing pessimistic about the course of the United States amid the political turmoil in Washington, according to a Bloomberg National Poll.
The poll shows that 68 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 25 percent of those surveyed said the US is on the right track -- the lowest mark since September 2011. 

Trust in us media edges up from lows: poll

Source : AFP / 21 Sep 2013

Americans' trust in the news media has come up from an all-time low, but many still see the media as "too liberal."

A Gallup survey found 44 percent of those polled had a great deal or fair amount of trust and confidence in the mass media, up from 40 percent in 2012, the lowest reading since Gallup regularly began tracking the question in 1997.


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