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Who needs the Pan-Arab massacre?

Source : | 08 Apr 2013

Viacheslav Matuzov, President of the Society of Friendship and Business Partnership with the Arab Countries is interviewed by about the situation in the Middle East and the geopolitical consequences of the Arab Spring.

Today, we see the Arab countries turned into hot spots as if by instruction. What has really happened in the Arab world? Have the plotters of the “Arabellion” got what they wanted?


Decade of US 'War on Terror' Yields More 'Terrorism'

Source : Agencies | 05 Dec 2012

After more than eleven years of the US waging wars abroad in the name of "fighting terrorism" a new report released Tuesday shows that the number of global terror attacks has dramatically increased during the post-9/11 era, not decreased.


Russia accuses U.S. of human rights abuses

By Sergei L. Loiko, Los Angeles Times | 23 Oct 2012

Prisoners detained without charges. Prisons operating outside the legal system. Limits on free speech and the Internet. Legitimate voters prevented from casting their ballots. Sanctioned kidnappings. Witch hunts and torture.

It's all part of life, says the Russian government — in the United States.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday issued a 56-page report in Russian and English titled, "On the Human Rights Situation in the United States."


Can the U.S. and Russia Agree on How to End Syria’s War?

By Tony Karon | | 28 Jun 2012

Beleaguered U.N. peace envoy Kofi Annan will host an international conference to address Syria‘s rapidly escalating civil war, but the meeting in Geneva on Saturday appears to have only lukewarm backing from the U.S. — and then only after Washington put the kibosh on the attendance of Iran, whose participation had been deemed vital by Annan.


U.S. Dangerously Short-Sighted on Yemen, Experts Warn

| IPS | Washington | 27 Jun 2012

As President Barack Obama’s administration becomes further enmeshed in what many are calling an undeclared war in Yemen, observers here are urging the government to broaden its policy approach to the country beyond counterterrorism.


Is the Secret War in Yemen and Somalia Secret No Longer?

By Chris Woods |

In what is being viewed by some as a significant move towards greater transparency, President Obama has officially acknowledged for the first time previously secret US military combat operations in Yemen and Somalia.


J Street President: Senators, Congressmen 'Live in Fear' of Pro-Israel Groups

By Chemi Shalev | Haaretz | 17 May 2012

Many American senators and congressmen “keep quiet” and refrain from criticizing Israeli policies because they “live in fear” and are “intimidated” by pro-Israeli groups such as the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), according to J Street founder and President Jeremy Ben-Ami.


US Treasury Claim of Iran-Al-Qaeda "Secret Deal" Is Discredited

By Gareth Porter | IPS | Washington | 11 May 2012

The U.S. Treasury Department's claim of a "secret deal" between Iran and Al-Qaeda, which had become a key argument by right-wing activists who support war against Iran, has been discredited by former intelligence officials in the wake of publication of documents from Osama bin Laden's files revealing a high level of antagonism between Al-Qaeda and Iran.


US acted to conceal evidence of intelligence failure before 9/11

By : Ian Cobain | The Guardian | 28 Mar 2012

The US government shut down a series of court cases arising from a multimillion pound business dispute in order to conceal evidence of a damning intelligence failure shortly before the 9/11 attacks, MPs were told.

Moreover, the UK government is now seeking similar powers that could be used to prevent evidence of illegal acts and embarrassing failures from emerging in court, David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, told the Commons.


NYC police chief apologizes for movie interview

By The Associated Press | New York | 26 Jan 2012

New York’s police commissioner apologized Wednesday for appearing in a documentary movie about terrorism that Muslim groups have criticized as inflammatory, and said his department acted wrongly when it later showed the film to counterterrorism trainees.


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