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Shoppers leave GMO on shelves — survey

Source : ITAR-TASS / 06 Jun 2014

Shoppers are shunning genetically modified food, a Russian survey suggests.

Fifty-four percent of those questioned refused to buy anything labelled GMO, though 55% failed even to interpret the initials.

Those that did recognize GMO as  genetically modified organisms were classed as the well-educated of Moscow and St. Petersburg, returning figures of 71% and 70% in the poll results.


Scientists urge UK govt to ditch ‘dysfunctional’ GMO regulations

Source : RT / 15 Mar 2014

There is no evidence that GM crops are more dangerous than conventionally farmed food, a group of scientists allegedly linked to the biotech industry have advised UK PM David Cameron. Critics say the group is funded by the GM lobby.

In an advisory report to David Cameron issued Friday, senior scientists suggest that approval for commercial cultivation of new GM crops within the EU should be made at a national level, as it is now with pharmaceuticals.


Genetic chains: Alarming new study of Monsanto feed on pigs

By : William Engdahl | RT | 22 Jun 2013

UK Environment officials praise GMO crops as ‘safer than conventional’ ones, but a recent study reveals more sobering evidence that the world urgently needs to ask fundamental safety questions about genetic engineering of the human food chain.


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