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US acted to conceal evidence of intelligence failure before 9/11

By : Ian Cobain | The Guardian | 28 Mar 2012

The US government shut down a series of court cases arising from a multimillion pound business dispute in order to conceal evidence of a damning intelligence failure shortly before the 9/11 attacks, MPs were told.

Moreover, the UK government is now seeking similar powers that could be used to prevent evidence of illegal acts and embarrassing failures from emerging in court, David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, told the Commons.


10 Winners and 10 Losers of 9/11

By Christian Caryl : RFE/RL | Prague / 08 Sept 2011

While it's clearly an oversimplification, we couldn't allow this anniversary to pass without offering our own list of "winners & losers" in the decade since 9/11 and the accompanying "war on terror."


1. The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex


After 9/11, curiosity over Islam leads to conversion

Source : Omar Sacirbey | Religion News Service
BOSTON | 24 Aug 2011

Like a lot of other people in the haze and confusion of the 9/11 attacks, Johannah Segarich asked herself: “What kind of religion is this that could inspire people to do this?”

She had studied other religions, but never Islam. So she bought a copy of the Quran, wondering if her notions of Islam as a patriarchal and now seemingly violent religion, would be confirmed.


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