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The Status of Parents in Islam

Source : Islamicity / 18 Dec 2012

All religions and all societies have given parents an honorable status. From a purely material viewpoint, we find ourselves indebted to our parents, particularly our mother. She not only nourished us in her womb, but went through pain and suffering. She loved us even before we were born. She toiled when we were totally helpless infants. She spent sleepless nights caring for us. Our parents as a team provided for all our needs: physical, educational, psychological, and in many instances, religious, moral, and spiritual.


Teens and Stress: Parents, Please Listen Up!

Source : OnIslam / 17 Dec 2012

Are you close to your teenager? When was the last time the two of you had a heart-to-heart talk?

Maintaining strong family ties is a cornerstone of Islam. However, many of us seem to need proof that strong family ties are necessary or even possible in North America. Consequently, even Muslim teenagers are finding it difficult to approach their parents to talk about stresses they are facing in their academic, personal and social lives.


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