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Syrian protest

Syria: A jihadi paradise

By Pepe Escobar | Asia Times | 06 Mar 2013

So Bashar al-Assad hath martially spoken - for the first time in seven months - predictably blaming the Syrian civil war on "terrorists" and "Western puppets".

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, he of the former "zero problems with our neighbors" policy, commented that Assad only reads the reports of his secret services. C'mon, Ahmet; Bashar may be no Stephen Hawking, but he's certainly getting his black holes right.


Global conference in Kuwait seeks to raise $1.5 bln for Syrian refugees

By Al Arabiya with agencies | 30 Jan 2013

Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah pledged $300 million on Wednesday to help fund humanitarian efforts for millions of Syrians affected by nearly two years of conflict.

Announcing the pledge at an aid donor conference, al-Sabah added that “horrifying reports” of violence had raised questions over the future of Syria and aid efforts had to be redoubled.


Iran cautiously mulls break up with Syria’s Assad

By Associated Press | 20 Dec 2012

It wasn’t exactly a break-up moment between Iran and ally Bashar Assad. But Tehran’s whiplash diplomacy over the weekend suggested its embrace of the Syrian president could be cooling.

Just a day after Iran’s foreign minister pledged unwavering support for the embattled Assad, officials in Tehran outlined on Sunday a step-by-step peace plan for Syria capped by elections that presumably could usher in a new leader in Damascus.


Is Embrace of Syrian Rebels Preparation for US Intervention?

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 13 Dec 2012

In a move that notches up the potential for a western military intervention in Syria, the US government on Tuesday formally recognized factions of the armed opposition group facing off against President Bashar al-Assad in what has been an escalating and bloody civil war in the Middle East country.


For Iran, Unrest in Syria Is Noise, Not Brutal War

By | The New York Times | 11 Dec 2012

When Syria’s agricultural minister, Subhi Ahmad al-Abdullah, arrived in the Iranian capital for a visit last week, everybody involved stuck to a well-worn script.

There were welcoming ceremonies, handshakes in front of cameras and tête-à-têtes on rococo chairs. Stern-faced Iranian and Syrian officials discussed “expanding economic and agricultural ties” and signed a contract for the joint production of a vaccine for foot-and-mouth disease.


Where is Turkey heading?

By Ayşe Sozen | 13 Oct 2012

Five civil Turkish citizens were murdered in the small town of Akcakale adjacent to Syrian border by the shelling from Syrian side on October,3. Turkey has promptly launched retaliatory shelling over Syria on the same day and called The Turkish Parliament for an urgent session, on the next day, to authorize the Turkish troops for cross border operations in Syria.


What does Iran get for supporting al-Assad?

By Tim Lister | CNN | 09 Aug 2012

In public at least, the message was defiant. Beleaguered Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, sitting alongside Iran's intelligence chief, proclaimed Tuesday "the determination of the people and government of Syria to cleanse the country of terrorists."


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