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Prophet's kindness to animals

Preserving Arabian leopard: Big leap by Taif

By Khaled Al-Juaid / 3 Sep 2013

The National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) in Taif has completed 60 percent of a project to establish a large sanctuary, with 20 enclosures to isolate the male Arabian leopard.

The remaining 40 percent will be completed by the beginning of next year, Ahmad Al-Boug, general-director of the NWRC, said.

The project is part of an operational plan approved for the implementation of a number of construction and future expansion projects to maintain Arabian leopards.


The Prophet’s kindness to animals

When we mention the religion of Islam, often the first word that comes to mind is peace. The word Islam is derived from the infinitive ‘sa-la’ma’ which also is the root for the word salam, which means peace. Islam is a way of life that promotes peace, dignity, respect, tolerance, justice and mercy and all of these qualities are tempered with serenity (calmness) that comes from submission to God. Perhaps the greatest of these qualities is mercy. It is one of the overriding themes throughout the Qur’an.


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