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Why is the West against the unification of Muslims?

Source : | 22 May 2013

In his interview, Viacheslav Matuzov, the President of the Society of Friendship and Business Partnership with the Arab Countries, answers the complex question about the reasons of disunity of the Arab-Islamic world and the obstacles on the way of unification.


Middle East is in a state of flux

By Abdullah Al Shayji | Gulf News | 28 May 2012

Last week major developments unfolded before our eyes. Some of those events were unprecedented, like the historic Egyptian presidential election that has raised the bar for other Arab republics by emboldening ordinary Arabs.


Ordeal of remembrance

By Fawaz Turki | Gulf News | 19 May 2012

To meet deadline, an obligation that political commentators, no less than news reporters, are enjoined by editors against toying with, I have to write this column today -- which just happens to be May 15, the time each year when Palestinians, along with sundry Arabs, commemorate the Nakba, the day in 1948 when Palestine was dismembered and Palestinians were expelled from home and homeland.


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