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Arab Spring

by Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
Kuala Lumpur | 11 Aug 2011

1. There is much gloating in the West over what is happening in the Arab countries. They, the West, have been peddling democracy to the world and at times they would assassinate leaders or invade countries so as to impose their democracy. Now the Arabs are doing this work for them. The Arabs themselves are overthrowing their authoritarian Governments so as to, presumably, install democratic Governments in their places.


Arab Spring not Islamist uprising, says Muslim intellectual

Source : Robert Sibley | Ottawa Citizen
OTTAWA | 18 Jul 2011

The future of the Arab Spring is "unpredictable," and, indeed, hopes for democracy in the region could be derailed if the political situation becomes too divisive, says a prominent Muslim intellectual. "It is a very difficult reality we have now in these countries (Egypt and Tunisia)," says Tariq Ramadan. "The polarization . could in fact stop the democratic process itself."


Secular State and Islamic Tradition in Russia

The state has neutral policy concerning the matters of citizens' attitude towards religion.


Indonesia's president: 'We can be model for Islam and democracy'

Source | CNN
Jakarta | 15 Jun 2011

Indonesia's transition from an autocracy to a vibrant democracy can be an example to those countries in the Middle East experiencing political upheaval, says the country's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

"Indonesia can be a model where Islam and democracy exist hand in hand, with no contradiction between the two," he told CNN.


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