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Ramadan Fun for Little Muslims

By Maria Zain / 17 July 2013

In Ramadan, we’re abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, all for the sake of Allah.

Of course there is more to Ramadan than just that, but that’s the first impression little children get. So Muslims are celebrating the presence of the Holy Month, but not everyone – as yet – is joining in on the fast.


Breastfeeding improves babies' brain growth

Source : Presstv / 12 June 2013

A new study conducted by researchers from Brown University has demonstrated that breastfeeding plays significant role in brain development in infants.

The research team analyzed the brain growth in a sample group of children by specialized, baby-friendly magnetic resonance imaging quiet MRI when they were asleep, according to paper published in the journal NeuroImage.


Women from poorer backgrounds are less subject to violence

Source : Khalid Al-Subiani / 4 June 2013

Women from poor backgrounds are less vulnerable to physical and verbal abuse, according to a study conducted by Salma Al-Harbi on 300 women between the ages of 30 and 34.

The study showed that women who come from poor families with an average monthly income between SR 1,000 and 1,999 are the least prone to abuse, followed by those who come from families earning between SR 4,000 and 4,999.


Spending on One’s Family on the Day of ‘Ashura

By Mohammed Haroon Abasoomer / 4 June 2013


What is the virtue of spending on one’s family on the day of ‘Ashura and what is the authenticity of the hadith that encourages this sort of spending?


The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is reported to have said: “Whoever expands his expenditure on his family on the day of ‘Ashura, Allah I will inflate his sustenance for the rest of that year.”


Does Islam give a father the right to force his daughter to marry?

By / 30 May 2013


 Does Islam give a father the right to force his daughter to marry someone that she doesn’t want to marry? Can a woman end a marriage in Islam or is that solely the right of the man?



How to Kick Start Your New Active Lifestyle

By Muslim Fitness / 24 May 2013

Bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health: Walking is a great exercise.

Exercise, without it we are not as healthy as we could be. Without it we are not as productive as we could be. Without it we are not exploiting our mind and body to their fullest potential. Without it we are not fulfilling our religion to its fullest. Without it we are not the Muslims we could be.


Best foods for healthy hair

Source : / 15 May 2013

Many of us spend a fortune on expensive hair products for healthier tresses. However, the truth is, beautiful hair starts with our diets. Healthy hair is nourished hair – and that means supplying our bodies with the nutrients they need. For shiny, strong and slinky locks, check out these top hair foods to add to your shopping list.


Help Your Children to Love the Holy Qur’an

By ISWM / 6 May 2013

Umar ibn Wasil al-Basri that Sahl al-Tustari said: “My uncle once told me:`Remember Allah Who created you.’ I said: `How should I remember him?’ He replied: `Say in your heart, whenever you are alone at night, three times, without moving your tongue: Allah is with me; Allah is looking at me; Allah is watching me.”



Source : / 25 Apr 2013

As soon as Idrees got home from school, he ran to his grandfather to ask him about something that was on his mind.

"Grandpa," he said, "I want to ask you something."

"What is it, Idrees?" asked Grandpa Uthman.

"Grandpa, on the bus, a lady was telling her friend how important patience is, and how true patience should be as it is described in the Qur'an. Can you tell me what that means, Grandpa?"


Yasmeen and the Four-Leaf Clover

Source : / 19 Apr 2013

It was a beautiful spring day, and Yasmeen was playing outside with some other children at the park. Yasmeen was homeschooled, and she had a Muslim friend named Hala. They were both on the swing, when Yasmeen noticed some of the kids crawling in the grass. They looked like cats searching for mice! Thinking that they were picking flowers, Yasmeen said, "Hala, why don't we pick some pretty flowers for our moms?" Hala noticed the other kids too, and then without a word they ran to join the others.


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