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Soda Drinking Tied to Kids' Behavior Problems

By Andrew M. Seaman / 19 Aug 2013

Children who drink soda tend to score slightly higher on scales that measure aggressive behavior than kids who don't drink the carbonated beverages, according to a new study.

The study's lead author cautioned, however, that the increase may not be noticeable for individual children and the researchers can't prove soda caused the bad behaviors.


Poor sleep tied to kids’ lower academic performance

Source : Reuters / 19 Aug 2013

Children who have trouble sleeping tend to do worse in school than their peers who get a good night’s sleep, a new study suggests.

Researchers in Brazil looked at children age seven to 10 who attended Sao Paulo public schools. They found kids with symptoms of sleep disorders or sleep breathing disorders earned lower grades than those without problems sleeping, on average.


Give the gift of literacy

Source : Molouk Y. Ba-Isa / 3 Aug 2013

Reading is fundamental to any child’s success in life. Many studies have shown that the single best way to help children learn to read is to read aloud to them. Regularly reading out loud to children will help them understand vocabulary, word formation and sentence structure.

Information from Reading is Fundamental (rif.org) noted that:

Twenty-six percent of young children who were read to three or four times in the last week by a family member recognized all letters of the alphabet.


How to watch your kids’ diet during Ramadan

Source : Saudi Gazette / 29 Jul 2013

The holy month of Ramadan marks a joyous occasion. During this special time of the year, most young children want to mimic their parents’ behavior by fasting and participating in meaningful Ramadan traditions.

While this provides a great opportunity for families to come together to share rituals and break their fast, for children, in particular, it can sometimes cause fatigue and dehydration — especially with the scorching summer heat in full swing.


What is Iftar?

Source : Innovateus.net / 22 Jul 2013

Iftar is observed during the holy month of Ramadan by Muslims. It is one of the oldest rituals followed by Muslims all over the world. Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar during which the whole Islamic community observe complete fast during the daytime. They take a meal before dawn and end the fast only in the evening with a special meal. This evening special meal is known as Iftar which as a discipline is taken after the sunset. The timings of Iftar differ according to the sunset timings in that area. In regions with dense Muslim population a cannon is fired to indicate the time for Iftar. In Islamic countries, the time of Iftar is declared through radio and television broadcasting. Ramadan ends with a big feast on Eid- al- Fitr.


Ramadan Fun for Little Muslims

By Maria Zain / 17 July 2013

In Ramadan, we’re abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, all for the sake of Allah.

Of course there is more to Ramadan than just that, but that’s the first impression little children get. So Muslims are celebrating the presence of the Holy Month, but not everyone – as yet – is joining in on the fast.


Valuing Time with Children

By Maryam Hedayat | islam.ru | 13 Jul 2013

Children are one of the most precious and greatest gifts of Allah.  And to raise them in a good manner is every parent’s responsibility.

Children are a trust given to the parents. Parents are essentially responsible for the moral, ethical and religious teachings of their children.


Syria war imperils education of 2.5 million children-aid agency

Source : Reuters / 12 Jul 2013

More than a fifth of Syria's schools have been destroyed or made unusable in more than two years of conflict, jeopardising the education of 2.5 million young people, Save The Children aid agency reported on Friday.

The civil war in Syria has contributed to a sharp increase over the past year in the number of violent incidents affecting children's education reported worldwide, the agency said.


Treat Your Neighbour Well

By M.K.S Bawa / 1 July 2013

“Love thy Neighbour as thyself” is a proverbial saying. Love is a feeling of deep affection towards a person or a great interest in some thing. A neighbour is a person living next door to or very near to another. Neighbourhood is one of the factors that moulds the character of a person. A good neighbourhood is developed by mutual understanding and by exchange of love and care among the people living in a locality.


Fasting the Month of Ramadan

Source : Submission.org / 20 June 2013

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. The Islamic calendar, like the solar calendar has twelve months. The islamic calendar is based on the moon (Lunar), while the solar calendar is based on the sun (Solar.)

The solar calendar months are made of 30 or 31 days except for February. The Lunar calendar months are made of 29 or 30 days. Ramadan is sometimes 29 days and sometimes 30 days.


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