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Belief In God Essential To A Moral Life: Survey

By Stephen Calabria / The Huffington Post / 14 Mar 2014  

A new Pew Research survey of global attitudes on religion finds that a great number of people around the world think a belief in God is vital to leading a moral life.

The survey of people in 40 countries found that majorities in 22 countries believed that having God in one’s life was essential to being a moral person. Majorities in all five African countries surveyed, as well as every Middle Eastern country except Israel, believed God is vital to a person’s morality.


Modern educations false promises

By Mohammad Azeemullah

Ours is an age of crisis…a crisis in science, in literature, in thoughts, in perceptions, in attitudes, in behaviors and in relationships. Crisis is everywhere. It has pushed major parts of culture to a state of acute dislocation, conflict, destruction and bewilderment.


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