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Halal food lovers fill up at London exhibition

By Mustapha Zarou / 1 Oct 2013

The world’s largest halal food festival was held in London this week, reflecting the fast growing halal market in Britain.
The three day halal event offered a chance to explore the diversity of the halal food market and its potential.

Is it Permissible to Eat Beer-Battered Fish?

Source : / 24 Aug 2013


As Salaamu Alaikum,

Firstly Baraka Allahu Fikum, this service is invaluable and I am grateful to Allahu Ta’Alaa that He has allowed it to be available.


Eating Food Served by a non-Muslim

By Shaykh / 16 Aug 2013


As Salaamu Alaikum,

In my hometown, there is a Sikh owned restaurant that buys its meat from the local Zabiha shop.  Is it permissible to eat there? Can one eat at such a restaurant where there are non-Muslims working or who own it?


Halal business - Consuming passions

Source : The Economist | 28 May 2013

The Halal industry to the world’s 1.8 billion Muslim shoppers, is a market likely to grow by 35% by 2030. But stereotypes of joyless zealotry are as misleading as the idea that the Muslim market involves only interest-free finance and hand-slaughtered meat. Sharia law forbids meat such as pork and birds of prey, plus blood and carrion.


Unified global halal standards top of the agenda, say food experts

Source : / 15 Dec 2012

Trading halal food under unified global standards is at the top of the agenda for Islamic countries, experts said this week.

With common mistakes made by some certification bodies, experts said a universal system must be set to ensure consumers’ food is 100 per cent halal.


Halal brands must learn how to become trusted friends of the Muslim consumer

If you have a brand that you are aiming to sell to Muslim consumers – a global market estimated at $2.1 trillion annually – then the first thing you need to get a handle on is your halal status. It’s up to youhow halal-friendly or halal compliant you are, but understanding the impact of your decision is crucial.


Eating the Halal outta Sydney

By Zeynab Gamieldien

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.
This oft-quoted saying has special meaning for Muslims, given that our religion pervades into every aspect of our life – and food is no exception. At times, living in a Western country can be difficult precisely for that reason.


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