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Fears of civil war in Syria after peace plan is vetoed

By Charlotte McDonald-Gibson || 6 Feb 2012

The West condemns Russia and China for blocking UN move to increase pressure on Assad to stand down.


US Plans for Perpetual War

By Renee Parsons |Common Dreams| 28 Jan 2012

As an attack on Iran remains temporarily on the backburner and Syria, home to US-identified terrorist group Hamas, moves up the queue as the next target for military intervention, both are part of a larger strategy proposed to newly-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996.


Russia vows to block Western intervention in Syria

By Arabtimesonline | 19 Jan 2012

BEIRUT (AP) — Syria's powerful allies in Russia are vowing to block any Western attempts to intervene militarily in Syria as Damascus fights off an increasingly chaotic 10-month-old revolt against President Bashar Assad.


Qur’an school in Syria empowering women

by Kamran Pasha
Source: Huffington Post

Women have been the heart and backbone of Islam from its beginnings. From the courage of Khadija, Prophet Muhammad’s first wife and first convert, to the scholarship and fiery independence of his later wife Aisha; from the political genius of Muslim queens such as Egypt’s Shajarat al-Dur and India’s Nur Jahan to the spiritual wisdom of female saints such as Rabia of Basra, Islam has been shaped and guided by the feminine hand since its earliest days.


Foreign interference in Syria fanning civil war

Target Syria – the strategic prize that outstrips Libya. The stage is set. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Libya 2.0 equals Syria? It’s more like Libya 2.0 remix. With the same R2P (”responsibility to protect”) rationale – starring civilians bombed into ”democracy”. But with no UN Security Council resolution (Russia and China will veto it). Instead, Turkey shines, fanning the flames of civil war.


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