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Back in Islam

The Texan Who Found Allah

By Chris Irwin / 29 Oct 2013

My reversion to Islam wasn't so unique after all.

Islam reaches the hearts of people even if they live in a desolate cave in the wilderness, or in the polar ice caps, or the middle of the densest jungles. Everywhere there is Allah's majesty.


Falling in Love with Islam

By Farieda Amatullah / 24 Oct 2013

This is always the hardest part - to begin to write everything down when I myself do not understand it all.

What has happened to me is great and makes me warm and fuzzy inside. But, at the same time it scares me very much.


Van Doorn Performs Hajj

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 19 Oct 2013

Accepting Islam months ago, a once anti-Islam activist who produced a derogatory film wrongly portraying Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said he has found peace and tranquility while performing hajj this year.

“I found myself among these faithful hearts,”Arnoud Van Doorn, a former member of Wilders’ Freedom Party, was quoted by Saudi Gazette on Friday, October 18.


Eid ul-Adha celebration

By Agencies / 26 Sep 2013

Islam has two beautiful celebrations that will be part of your life: Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha.  Some basic facts about Eid ul-Adha:

·       Pronounced EED-ul-ADHA, it can be translated as the “Feast of the Sacrifice.”

·       Eid ul-Adha is tied to Hajj - the pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mecca that brings in 2 million Muslims every year from all over the world.


Islamic Guidelines for Gender Interactions

By C. Mofty / 11 Sep 2013

How do people slip into adultery? Why do office romances take place? How do married men get romantically involved with another woman? The simple answer is that it is a slow process of boundary-less decisions.  It is a gradual thing.  Imagine a little wall all around you, with a gate.  Your heart lives inside the wall and Allah has told you how to control the gate.  Bad things happen when you either do not know what Allah has told you or are careless about what goes in and what goes out of that gate.


Reverts: Don't Turn Away; Keep Your Faith Strong!

By Aya Timea / 4 Sep 2013

I reverted to Islam almost five years ago.

AlhamdulillAllah, I was always very stubborn when it came to religion and never thought for a single moment to go back to my old lifestyle and leave Islam.

The more my classmates and the people on the street treated me in a bad way due to my religion the more I buried myself in the books of Islam to strengthen my faith in order to never ever be like them again.


A "Typical" American Police Supervisor Finds Islam

By William / 29 Aug 2013

My name is William, and I live in a large Midwestern city in the United States.

I am a typical American in many ways that are reflected in both my professional and personal lives. Professionally, I am a supervisor with a major police department, and I have been in the military, both active duty and in the reserves for the majority of my adult life.


Islam lets us see all things in true light

Source : Islamreligion / 26 Aug 2013

K. Sherman grew up in US. She hailed from a very practicing Jew family and came from an upper middle class family of second generation Americans, tracing roots back to Russia and Poland. Here in this concluding part of her four-part story, she describes how she at times cried to seek Truth and how she embraced Islam.


Muslim of Scandinavian origin

By Abdul Wahid Pedersen / 21 Aug 2013

As a Muslim of Scandinavian origin I am often met with the question of why I became a Muslim. Yes, I even ask myself from time to time, why Allah had picked me, out of the multitude of people, and brought me to this blessed path of Islam.

When I look back upon my life, I can see that my present situation is a logical consequence of the sum of my acts and thoughts up to this point, but that, of course, is always the case for anybody. Thus my converting to Islam — or rather my accepting the fact that inwardly I have always been a Muslim — was inevitable.


Chris Eubank

Source : / 16 Aug 2013

Chris Eubank (born Christopher Livingstone Eubanks on 8 August 1966) is a former boxer and British celebrity who held World Middleweight and Super Middleweight boxing titles. He was world champion for over five years and undefeated as a middleweight.

Christopher Livingstone Eubanks (later opting to delete the 's' from his surname) was born on 8th August, 1966, in Dulwich, London and spent his early days in Jamaica (from two months old to six years old). On his return, he lived in Stoke Newington, Dalston, Hackney and then Peckham. He grew up in poverty.


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