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Back in Islam

Rugby Champion Williams: Islam brings me happiness

Source : IINA / 22 Mar 2014

For rugby's original wild child Sonny Bill Williams, meeting a Tunisian family who lived with their five children in a one-bedroom flat in the south of France proved pivotal to his conversion to Islam, according to a report carried by CNN news channel.


Marriage Advise

By C. Mofty / New muslims / 14 Mar 2014

First Things to Know

One of the most useful advice, in the opinion of this author, is that a new Muslim should take Islam one piece at a time. It is a total way of life that needs time to adjust. It can take years to leave many non-Islamic behaviors, but sticking to Islam brings happiness in this life and in the one to come. Therefore, allow yourself time to grow as a Muslim and practice what you learn.


Dutch Muslim politician launching new Islamic party

Source : World Bulletin / 04 Mar 2014

Arnoud van Doorn, a former far-right Dutch politician who later accepted Islam and became a Muslim, has announced his plans to launch a new Islamic party in his native Holland.

The Islamic Party for Unity will be contending for three seats in the upcoming municipal elections on March 19.


Mexican Christians leave Catholicism, turn to Islam

Source : World Bulletin / 15 Feb 2014

Although Catholicism has been the dominant religion in Mexico for five centuries, the number of Catholics had fallen to 82.7 percent, from 96.7 in 1970, according to the Pew Research Center.

Most of this change is attributed to growth in other Christian denominations. Evangelicals, Protestants and Jehovah's Witnesses now account for 8 percent of Mexicans who identify with a religion.


Six Arabian Oud workers embrace Islam

Source : Saudi Gazette / 13 Feb 2014

Six employees of Arabian Oud, the largest fragrance retailer in the world, embraced Islam and pronounced the "testimony of faith" in the presence of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdulrahman Alarifi, the company said in a statement.

The reverts said they decided to change their faith with full conviction after attending religious awareness programs held by the company.


Importance of Seeking Knowledge

Source : New Muslims / 12 Feb 2014

No other religion or institution gives as much importance to knowledge as the religion of Islam.  The religion has made seeking knowledge incumbent upon all Muslims and has deemed that not doing so as a sin.  The Prophet, may Allah praise him, said in an authentic narration (hadeeth):

“Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.” (Al-Tirmidhi)


Famous Indian Composer Reverts to Islam

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 11 Feb 2014

A famous Indian composer has revealed that he has reverted to Islam, adding that he is proud of the decision which got his family’s support.

"Yes, I follow Islam and I'm proud about it. Alhamdhulillah,” Yuvan Shankar Raja posted on Twitter, Times of India reported on Monday, February 10.


US envoy in Sudan forced to resign after accepting Islam

Source : World Bulletin / 07 Feb 2014

The US charge d’affaires in Khartoum, Joseph D Stafford, resigned from his post after he converted to Islam, Sudanese local media sources said.

Stafford told the foreign ministry that his resignation was made for "personal reasons" but Sudanese sources claimed that the envoy was forced to resign after he turned to Islam.


A Day in the life of a Muslim: From Waking up till late Morning

Source : / 3 Feb 2014

Ordinary every day activities can become rewarding acts of worship if a Muslim does them for the sake of pleasing Allah.  Of them, the regular, consistent deeds are best. Allah’s Messenger, may Allah praise him, said, “The deeds most loved by Allah are those done regularly, even if they are minute.” [1]  


Jennifer Grout Confirms Reverting to Islam

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 28 Jan 2014

Though denying an earlier video claiming her reversion to Islam, US singer Jennifer Grout has confirmed the news, adding that she has started to pray, learn Qur’an and pay Zakat.

“Actually the video that everyone has seen is part of a Moroccan film I made before my performance aired on Arabs Got Talent,” Grout told Gulf News on Tuesday, January 21.


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