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Dutch Exhibit Explores New Muslims’ Life

Source : OnIslam / 24 Jul 2014

Offering a deep insight into the lives of Dutch reverts to Islam, a new exhibition is held in the Amsterdam Museum which puts a spotlight on increasing number of reversions and elaborates upon the spiritual process as well as the practical aspects of this change.


German engineer embraces Islam

Source : Saudi Gazette / 23 Jul 2014

A German engineer embraced Islam after he was convinced its teachings and its suitability for all times.

The 69-year old engineer changed his name to Sami Shafeeq.


Dubai Filipino couple converts to Islam and finds peace

Source : The National / 19 Jul 2014

Geraldine Paraiso, 28, could hardly contain her joy and excitement at the prospect of celebrating Eid Al Fitr with her husband at the end of the month.

The Filipino couple has spent each day of Ramadan fasting, praying and enjoying iftar meals at their home in Dubai’s Hor Al Anz area.


Holy Month of Ramadan: Guide to Islam in Venezuela

Source : Presstv / 19 Jul 2014

Venezuelans have been acquainted with the religious customs at the holy month of Ramadan during a variety of celebrations held in the Muslim communities, press TV has reported.


Hundreds of Muslims visit convert after message goes viral

Source : World Bulletin / 01 Jul 2014

British Muslim convert Peter Chatfield, is being held in Queens Hospital, Sahara Ward B5, due to spine cancer that has left him paralysed from the chest down. Doctors have given him an estimate of six months left to live.


Brazilian Ex-Gangster Finds Islam (Video)

Source : OnIslam / 23 Jun 2014

A Brazilian ex-gangster has reverted to Islam, taking the shahada (Islamic declaration of faith) and sharing his story with members of da`wah project WhyIslam who are currently visiting Brazil during the ongoing World Cup tournament.


Hundreds of Christians convert to Islam in Turkey

Source : Fides / 06 Jun 2014

According to the information reported in the Turkish press and from the General Secretariat of Religious Affairs in Turkey, 779 people residing in the Country have converted to Islam since the beginning of 2014. 


Film star plans marriage after embracing Islam

Source : Arab News / 02 June 2014

South Indian actress Monica has embraced Islam, leaving behind the life of lights. “I have converted not because of love or money and I am not such a person. I embraced Islam because I like its principles,” she told reporters.


How to Convert to Islam and become a muslim?

Source : Quran and Science / 29 May 2014

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Mohammad, His last messenger.


Indian Music Composer Embraces Islam

Source : MuslimSandtheWorld / 21 May 2014

Yuvan Shankar Raja is a leading Indian singer, song-writer, music composer and occasional lyricist from Chennai, India. He has been a noted music scorer for the Tamil film industry and was the youngest son of the reputed music composer Ilaiyaraaja. Beginning his musical career in 1996, at the age of 16 he has seen success through out his career. Within a span of 15 years, Yuvan Shankar Raja has worked over 100 movies and is one of the most sought after music directors in the South Indian Tamil Film Industry.


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