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The Great Shamil, Imam of Daghestan and Chechnya, Shaykh of Naqshbandi tariqah.

There is a hadith which says that worthy people can be appreciated only by worthy ones. They say, when we mention pious people Allah grants us His blessings. So, hoping for Allah’s blessings, we are going to say few words about Imam Shamil.

Unfortunately, dear brothers, there are those among us who condemn, blame Imam Shamil, say untrue words about him. For example, some say that imam and his murids fought for the mundane wealth. Others say that Imam fought for both glory and power, or say he was a cruel merciless man. Some assert the Imam surrendered and so was taken captive and that was his mistake because he had to fight till the victory.


Russia has a high degree of ethno-confessional relations

Moscow, November 14, 2019

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Albir-Khazrat Krganov, took part in a joint working meeting of the Commission of the Presidential Council for Interethnic relations, the Commission for monitoring and resolution of conflict situations in the field of interethnic relations, on migration issues and the social and cultural adaptation of foreign citizens, and information support of state national policy.


Muslim fashion show held in Nizhnekamsk

Nizhnekamsk, November 14, 2019

A Muslim women’s fashion show was organized in Nizhnekamsk by the women's club of the city mosque. The host of the program was Gulnara Khusaenova. She spoke about the traditions of chastity and the main trends in national Tatar clothes. Next, the participants were shown many outfits of various shapes and colors.

The evening was accompanied by the performance of Islamic Nasheeds and Munajats, and a tea party with traditional Tatar pastries.


The second summit of religious leaders of the world opened in Azerbaijan

Baku, November 14, 2019

The Second Summit of World Religious Leaders brought together political, public, scientific and religious figures of various countries and representatives of international organizations in Baku.


Mordovia Muslims holds the conference on religion in the modern world

Saransk, November 14, 2019

The scientific and practical conference “Religion in the modern world: culture and practice” was held in Saransk on November 10. The event was organized by the Regional Muslim Religious Administration of the Republic of Mordovia in order to facilitate the consolidation of the efforts of society and the state authorities in the development of dialogue between different peoples and faiths.


Cathedral mosque in Crimea is to be opened in summer of 2020

Simferopol, November 13, 2019

The cathedral mosque in Simferopol, one of the main mosque on the Crimean peninsula, is scheduled to open next summer, said the head of the State Committee on National Policy of Crimea Albert Kangiev.

“This is the most unique and grandest construction in the Crimea we ever had. A unique architectural mosque will admit up to four thousand believers.” - Kangiev said on Wednesday on Radio Crimea.


Kazan holds VIII Sports and Athletic Games among Muslim youth

Kazan, November 13, 2019

The results of the VIII Sports contest among Muslim youth were summed up In Kazan on November 12. The winner of the annual competition became the team of the Kazan Higher Muslim Madrasah “Muhammadiya”. The second place was taken by the team of the Akhtyam mosque, and the third place by the team of the Deen Islam mosque.


Muslims feel better about authorities than other believers in Russia

Moscow, November 12, 2019

Russian Muslims are more likely to be satisfied with government policy towards the population of the country than representatives of other religions and atheists. This is proved by the results of the survey of more than 85 thousand people, reports “Red Spring” Inform Agency.


Moscow Muslims celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad

Moscow, November 12, 2019

The Cathedral Mosque of the Russian capital gathered Muslims of all the nationalities to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The program of the Mawlid festival included lectures on the history of Islam, as well as the family values, mufti of Moscow Ildar Alyautdinov told RIA Novosti.


10 thousand Muslims gathered to mark birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Makhachkala

Makhachkala, November 11, 2019

Muslims of the republic of Dagestan celebrated Mawlid festival in the central mosque of Makhachkala last weekend.

The Mawlid was attended by the Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, the minister of National Politics and Religious Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan, Enrik Muslimov and others. The chairman of the Muftiate of the Republic of Dagestan Abdullah Salimov congratulated the believers on the birthday of the Prophet ﷺand wished everyone the contentment of the Lord.


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